E-Challans – Follow Traffic Rules to Avoid Them

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E-Challans – Follow Traffic Rules to Avoid Them

You must have heard about traffic challans. Yes, when you break any traffic rule you are caught by traffic police and handed over a challan that will have mention of your offence and fine that you have to pay. The penalties mentioned are as per the rule book. People who drive four wheelers or ride two wheelers or any other vehicle are very much aware of the challans. These challans are used at places where e-challans are not introduced.  E-challans are nothing but the digital format of the same challans. If the offence is not so serious then traffic police take out a challan in your name and confiscates your driving licence till the time you pay them the penalty. If the offence is serious then the offender is asked to visit the police station for detail interrogation and fines are not accepted. This rule is still followed every where except few cities where e challan has been introduced.

For e-challans which are sent to your address directly, you will have to open the traffic police’s website or mobile app to pay the penalty as per the crime committed. One can even open e-wallets like Paytm, PayU, Mobikwik, QuickPay, PhonePe, etc. to pay the fine that traffic police department sends you through mail.

It is better to drive safe than feel sorry. If you know the traffic rules properly and follow them sincerely then you will never fall in such embarrassing situations. But in case you are caught by traffic police breaking the traffic rules then without getting into any kind of misconduct simply go to their website and pay the fine that is mentioned in the challan. The process of paying the challan is very simple and fast. Earlier offenders had to visit court for the process to complete but with e-challans in place, one can simply pay the penalty then and there. You should have access of internet banking or can even use debit card or credit card to pay the penalty.

So what all you should follow as commuter to avoid any form of challan or e-challan? Mentioned below you will find some points for your awareness:

  • It is compulsory for traffic police to carry challan book or e-challan machine to enable the offender to pay penalty for violating traffic rules. Traffic police cannot penalise you if he is not carrying the book or the machine.
  • When you are caught by the traffic police then first thing that you should do is produce your documents as per the demands traffic police makes.
  • You should know in such situation you should produce only your license to the police and not hand over the license to them. You are not required to produce any other document
  • Avoid any kind of argument with the traffic police
  • If you know what mistakes you have done then it is better to confess instead of creating stories
  • At times police makes unethical demand. Beware of such demand.
  • If you are not carrying your license and vehicle registration is missing then police can detain your vehicle.
  • Traffic police cannot harass you. If you find them harassing you, make police complaint stating the incident.

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