Online Shopping for Christmas? Use a VPN to secure payments

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Online Shopping for Christmas? Use a VPN to secure payments

Wherever you are, take a minute to smell the air. Recognize that smell? Yes – it’s going to be Christmas soon again. If that means anything, it is that this is the season of gifts and presents too.

You shouldn’t wait till Santa comes around before your loved ones start getting their presents though. If anything, this is a great time to start buying.

Before you log onto that online marketplace and cop those beautiful sets you have been eyeing all year long, though, do you have a VPN at hand?

Securing your Payments with a VPN

Credit and debit card frauds are rampant these days.  Since this is a season where many people will be buying a lot of things online, hackers will also be sniffing around for credit and debit card details to hijack.

Even though most marketplaces have put tight measures in place to ensure this doesn’t happen, a lot of backdoors could still be exploited.

For one, there are brute force attacks propagated through bugs which the vendor might not have noticed on their website. Besides, you could also make the mistake of buying online while connected to public Wi-Fi networks. This leaves you at the mercy of anyone sniffing around such networks.

All that is taken care of when you use a VPN.

These pieces of software work by tunneling your internet traffic through secure servers and channels. That makes it impossible for anyone outside the network to see what you are doing on the inside. This effectively saves you from the hands of those hackers who have been lying around for your details.

The good news about VPNs is that they can do so much more than just secure your payment details.

Other Uses of a VPN

When shopping online with a VPN, you can:

  • Find better deals: Most online stores run different deals by location. There is a chance one of such deals is being run but not in the place you are currently located in.

You can use a VPN to find deals by connecting to a preferred server location and the online marketplace will instantly think you are physically present there. Thus, the same deal is offered to you. We found a VPN deal for you that you can use to find even more deals!

  • Beat price discrimination: One other common practice of online stores (such as Amazon and eBay) is price discrimination. This comes in the form of setting the price of a single product to be displayed differently when viewed by different demographics.

One logic behind this is that people from a certain country are perceived to be more affluent than those from other countries. Thus, they will be shown higher prices when they want to get products online.

  • Avoid dynamic pricing: Closely related to price discrimination is dynamic pricing. Marketers invest into this type of model to allow their products sell more, and again, sell for even higher.

Even though the product starts at a base price, it is readily increased based on the feedback and demand system. In no time, tens to hundreds of dollars could be added to the base price.

To beat this, you can try shopping from other server locations. Chances are, the marketers didn’t invest in dynamic pricing for all regions of the world.


The reasons why you should grab a VPN before shopping for Christmas far outweighs the reasons why you shouldn’t. From helping you keep your credit card details safe to getting you the best deals on every purchase you make, it is not something that should be forgone.

Add to that the fact that you would be getting out of the negatively affected demographic and you have a winner in VPNs. This might just be the best Christmas gift you can get yourself this beautiful season.

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