Teaching With Strengths

kenzi Ejasper November 19, 2017 Comments Off on Teaching With Strengths

I really like happening selection interviews. Yes, I’ve been requested probably the most awkward questions ever about my marital status and plans for pregnancy, but, I really like answering exactly the same questions again and again after which testing my solutions to determine how people respond.

Certainly one of my personal favorite questions is “What exactly are your weaknesses and strengths?Inch

I rock this. It’s my job to let them know a couple of strengths I’ve: I’m relational and make rapport with other people rapidly, I’m dedicated to my work and wish to produce my favorite, I brighten any room after i come in. You realize the typical.

I Then enter into my weaknesses. Many people will turn a strength right into a bad factor and say something similar to, “Sometimes I remain at work far too late and sacrifice getting a thriving social existence since i care an excessive amount of about my job.” To this kind of answer I call shenanigans! Nobody ever does indeed this on a good enough consistent basis that it might be a weakness.

Rather of laying I simply tell my interviewer which i have no weaknesses associated with the task I’m signing up to.

I understand you’re believing that I have to never obtain the job. Well I’m here to let you know I actually do.

Honestly I don’t use individuals exact words, however i do really concentrate on my strengths and just what makes me valuable and never what may diminish my performance in a job.

A primary reason I’m by doing this happens because I’m very strengths focused. I understand this since i took and been indoctrinated within the language from the Clifton Strengths Finder test. I’ve taken the exam a couple of occasions and received some training.

I really like the Strengths Finder. It concentrates on what individuals are naturally gifted in and provides language that people communicate by using others. I particularly love it like a teacher and counselor.

Now I’d my Psychology students go ahead and take Strengths Finder make sure discuss their Top 5 Strengths. It had been great to listen to 17 years old kids discuss their strengths and just how God has wired them. These were creeped by the precision from the make sure the descriptions provided.

A lot of my students are likely to college the coming year. I have faith that speaking about this stuff continues to be great on their behalf because they are going to leave the security of highschool and visit a new school to determine who they really are.

My hope would be to provide them with some tools to ensure that when they’re college and dealing to determine their identity there is a base that they’ll always return to. They remember fondly the positive reasons for themselves and are they all unique.

I had been really encouraged now when i viewed and pay attention to my students articulate their tales, study from their classmates, and also be within their knowledge of themselves and individuals around them.

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