The best-selling brain booster

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The best-selling brain booster

An extremely popular herbal supplement, the Ginkgo Biloba has been in use for thousands of years as a medicine for the treatment of various ailments and complications like anxiety, dementia, cerebral insufficiency and schizophrenia. This is considered as the most extensively researched plant species due to its ability to provide unending benefits for the well-being of mankind. While most herbal supplements and medicines derives from plants are used in their natural forms, the leaves of the Biloba are used in a concentrated standard extract.The American and European nations have taken up this product to be trusted and reliable for the human disease cure over the past couple of decades.

This compound consists of over 40 components out of which two ingredients are considered to be the most effective in providing the beneficial effects of this drug. The first one is the terpenoids which is known to reduce the stickiness of the platelets and enables improved flow of blood to the vessels. The other is the flavonoids which acts as antioxidants and also aids in retinal damage resulting from degeneration of muscles and nerves. Users desirous of obtaining more information about the composition of this product can visit reputed and well known sites for supplements in the World Wide Web like

Recommended precautionary measures

There may be multiple benefits from the consumption of effective supplements like the Ginkgo Biloba but some precautionary measures are required to be followed to avoid the occurrence of any severe side-effects from the wrong use of this herbal medicine. The long-chain alkylphenols contained in the Ginkgo leaves are known to be allergenic and therefore those suffering from allergies or sensitive to the ivy poison and other plants containing alkylphenols are recommended to take the help of a registered medical practitioner before taking this compound for its beneficial impacts.

There are certain medical conditions which are known to interact with this powerful component which is why taking the help of a pharmacist or doctor is of utmost importance for its safe consumption. Women who are pregnant or breast feeding should avoid its consumption during such period. Users of prescription or non-prescription medicines or other dietary supplements should take medical help before consuming compounds like the Ginkgo. Also, those having problems relating to bleeding or blood disorders should take necessary precautionary measures.

Proper dosage intake

Much of the prescribed dosage levels of this supplement is based on traditional use, scientific research and expert opinion. However, there is no evidence of thorough testing and trial and error method to establish the appropriate dosage intake of this compound. For the treatment of medical conditions the dosage intake greatly varies from 100 mg to 600 mg and is dependent on the brand of the product purchased. However, for children below the age of 18 years the recommended dosage intake should not exceed 120 mg for a period extending upto 6 weeks. Almost all website publish their own recommended dosage level but it is always prudent to rely on reputed and reliable websites like while deciding upon the proper intake level.

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